To My Daughter; Ava Rayne Michelle Mello..

Anna Lucille Lively
7 min readOct 23, 2022

The Tell~All..

Part 3.

This letter was written for you, my only daughter, to read when you become a young adult. I know, there’s a lot of ugly in my story. But I have persevered through it all. Just as you will persevere anything life throws at you. I am trying my best to build you a solid foundation for after I am gone. I do not think I’ll make it to see you become an adult. There is no way to explain everything in a light manner.

You were a product of an abusive marriage. Yes, you are legally adopted in July of 2020. Your dad, the only one you know, has claimed you since the day he met you. You were about ten months old when he first laid eyes on you. He calls you his after-market daughter. And his family claimed you too. Your dad and I were best friends before we were anything else, but we lost contact with each other for a long while. There were always rumors that your sperm donor wasn’t actually your sperm donor. That the dad you know is actually your biological dad. We never indulged in any arguments over that rumor. Guess who started that rumor? I did. Yours truly. Your dad and I had fun with that one. Let people think what they want.

Your sperm donor beat on me for about five years straight. Even throughout my pregnancy with you. I regret ever meeting him. I met him through mutual friends of mine that I met from Job Corp. The same Job Corp I met your dad at. I know, I was stupid. I should have gotten with your dad years prior. I would have avoided so much trauma. It happened the way it happened. I can’t change it now. We just make the best of it. I didn’t meet your sperm donor until after attending and graduating Job Corp. My adoptive parents, Adam, and Heather had talked me into going to meet up with old friends. Oh do I regret going. That’s when I met the monster. I was in a good place before I met him. I was saving money and getting my life together. Not long after I met him, I was fed this story that the person they were living with wasn’t renewing their lease. Me being the kind person I am, I offered to help. What was the point in paying for an apartment if I didn’t live there? I bought a red Oldsmobile and paid for an apartment. Moved in. That’s when my life began to go downhill. I lost my car. I lost my job. It was like a black cloud was hanging over…

Anna Lucille Lively

As an Author, I am at peace knowing I have left a part of myself behind in this world before I become one with nature again.